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PreviewIssue DateTitleAll Statement of ResponsibilityType
2008_wpe145.pdf.jpg2008Animating Leadership: Crisis and Renewal of Governance in 4 Mythic NarrativesIslam, GaziWorking Paper
2008_wpe141.pdf.jpg2008Backstage Discourse and the Emergence of Organizational Voices: Exploring Graffiti and OrganizationIslam, GaziWorking Paper
2012Bad for practice? Reconciling alternative views on managerial attitudes and their impact on organizational performanceIslam, Gazi; Lazzarini, Sergio Giovanetti; Mesquita, LuizArtigo Científico
2010_wpe218.pdf.jpg2010Between Unity and Diversity: Historical and Cultural Foundations of Brazilian ManagementIslam, GaziWorking Paper
2008_wpe143.pdf.jpg2008Bridging Two Worlds: Identity Transition in a University Consulting Community of PracticeIslam, GaziWorking Paper
2013Misestimating betting behavior: the role of negative asymmetries in emotional self predictionAndrade, Eduardo B.; Claro, Danny Pimentel; Islam, GaziArtigo Científico
2008_wpe146.pdf.jpg2008Objective and subjective indicators of happiness in Brazil: The mediating role of social classIslam, Gazi; Herrera, Eduardo Wills; Hamilton, MarilynWorking Paper
2011_wpe266.pdf.jpg2011Recognizing Employees: Reification and Dignity in ManagementIslam, GaziWorking Paper
2008_wpe144.pdf.jpg2008Rituals in Organizations: A Review and Expansion of Current TheoryIslam, Gazi; Zyphur, Michael J.Working Paper
2011_wpe265.pdf.jpg2011Self-Ideals and Prototypes: Psychoanalytic Dialogues of Identity and LeadershipIslam, GaziWorking Paper
2009_wpe162.pdf.jpg2008Self-interest and organizational performance: an empirical examination with U.S. and Brazilian managersLazzarini, Sergio Giovanetti; Islam, Gazi; Mesquita, Luiz Ferraz deWorking Paper
2011_wpe267.pdf.jpg2011The Four-Sided Triangle of Ethics in Bioprospecting: Pharmaceutical Business, International Politics, Socio-Environmental Responsibility and the Importance of Local StakeholdersIslam, Gazi; Rose, Janna L.; Quave, Cassandra L.Working Paper
2008_wpe142.pdf.jpg2008The Microfoundations of Community: Small Groups as Bridges and Barriers to Participatory DemocracyIslam, GaziWorking Paper