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Leila_A_R_Pereira - Dissertation.pdf.jpg2021Electoral competition and platform choice: a computational linguistics approach based on Brazilian dataPereira, Leila Albuquerque RochaTese
Raphael Akira tese final.pdf.jpg2021Essays in empirical asset pricingGondo, RaphaelTese
Dissertation_Carolina Pedrosa G de Melo.pdf.jpg2021Essays in health and industrial economicsMelo, Carolina Pedrosa Gomes deTese
Claudia Bruschi_Tese.pdf.jpg2021Essays on bankingMartins , Claudia BruschiTese
Ana Santos - tese.pdf.jpg2020Essays on Decision Theory and ApplicationsSantos, Ana Carolina Tereza Ramos de Oliveira dosTese
Maria Clara Morgulis.pdf.jpg2021Essays on economic analysis of lawMorgulis, Maria Clara de AzevedoTese
Clarice_Martins - TESE.pdf.jpg2021Essays on economics of educationMartins, Clarice CarneiroTese
Alysson Lorenzon Portella - Tese.pdf.jpg2021Essays on Economics of Education: Racial Inequality, Social Norms, and Childcare Impact on SchoolingPortella, Alysson LorenzonTese
PauloRibeiro_Thesis_Final.pdf.jpg2020Essays on empirical corporate financeRibeiro, Paulo Sergio OliveiraTese
Luis Gustavo Bettoni.pdf.jpg2021Essays on Fiscal PolicyBettoni, Luís GustavoTese
CAROLINA RIBEIRO VERONESI MARINHO - tese.pdf.jpg2020Essays on health economicsMarinho, Carolina Ribeiro VeronesiTese
Rafael Pucci - Dissertation.pdf.jpg2021Essays on property rights and crimePucci, RafaelTese
Darcio Genicolo Martins - tese.pdf.jpg2020Essays on Public ProcurementMartins, Darcio GenicoloTese
Thesis_Fernando_Moraes_Final.pdf.jpg2021Essays on risk factorMoraes, Fernando TassinariTese
Fernando Tassinari Moraes - tese.pdf.jpg2021Essays on Risk FactorTassinari Moraes, Fernando TassinariTese
dissertation_thomazteodorovicz_final.pdf.jpg2019Leveraging and transferring management practices in organizationsTeodorovicz, ThomazTese
Jorge Ikawa_Tese.pdf.jpg2021Political outsiders: their entry in politics, actions in office, and reactions among establishmentIkawa, Jorge Norio RezendeTese
Alisson Pablo tese final.pdf.jpg2021The effects of age at school entry: from the first grade to the labor marketOliveira, Alison Pablo deTese
Felipe_Wajskop _ Tese.pdf.jpg2021The face of the vote: how the facial features of candidates influence the decision of votersFrança, Felipe T. WajskopTese
Thesis - Final - Leandro Nardi.pdf.jpg2021The Rise of Impact-Oriented Strategies: Value Creation and Socio-Environmental Firm-Level GoalsNardi, LeandroTese