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PreviewIssue DateTitleAll Statement of ResponsibilityType
2019Walk on the Wild Side: Temporarily Unstable Paths and Multiplicative SunspotsAscari, Guido; Banomolo, Paolo; Lopes, Hedibert FreitasArtigo Científico
2017Waves of nonprofit regulation and self-regulation in Latin America: evidence and trands from Brazil and EcuadorAppe, Susan; Costa, Marcelo Marchesini daCapítulo de Livro
2015What do state-owned development banks do? evidence from BNDES, 2002–09Lazzarini, Sergio Giovanetti; Musacchio, Aldo; Bandeira-de-Mello, Rodrigo; Marcon, RosileneArtigo Científico
2019What Drives Consumers to Participate in Sharing Economy and Collaborative Consumption?Minami, Adriana Luri; Moreira, Carla Sofia Dias; Bortoluzzo, Adriana BruscatoTrabalho de Evento
SEAN R WHITE inserido.pdf.jpg2012What goes around, comes around: job referrals through relation between social ties and organizational citizenship behaviorWhite, Sean RDissertação
2016What Influences the Location of Nonprofit Organizations? A Spatial Analysis in BrazilCosta, Marcelo Marchesini daArtigo Científico
2018When channel conflict positively affect performance: evidence from ICT supplier-reseller relationshipClaro, Danny Pimentel; Vojnovskis, Denys; Ramos, Carla Sofia Dias MoreiraArtigo Científico
2021When value- and experience-related trade promotions influence retailers’ sales: the moderating role of retail format strategy and channel structureClaro, Danny Pimentel; Vieira, Valter Afonso; Agnihotri, Raj; Serer, Rafael RizzoArtigo Científico
2017Where the streets have no name: Last Mile Practices in Brazilian SlumsDuarte, André Luis de Castro Moura; Flores e Silva, Cristiano; Martins, Michele Esteves; Martins, Guilherme SilveiraTrabalho de Evento
2020Who is the boss? Entrepreneurial governance in private equity investments in emerging marketsMinardi, Andrea Maria Accioly FonsecaTrabalho de Evento
2018Whom do you talk to? Peer Salesperson Knowledge Sharing and PerformanceClaro, Danny Pimentel; Isabella, GiulianaTrabalho de Evento
Jul-2022Why Are Counterfactual Assessment Methods Not Widespread in Outcome-Based Contracts? A Formal Model Approach Get access ArrowLazzarini, Sergio Giovanetti; Cabral, Sandro; Firpo. Sergio Pinheiro; Teodorovicz, ThomazArtigo Científico
2016Why Are Savings Rate so Low and Interest Rates so High in Brazil? The Role of Unfunded Social Security and Compulsory Savings (Preliminary)Bonomo, Marco Antonio Cesar; Brito, Ricardo; Santos, Marcelo Rodrigues dosTrabalho de Evento
2019Why Brazil fell behind in college education?Binelli, Chiara; Menezes Filho, Naercio AquinoArtigo Científico
2016Willingness to Use Test Data and Its Impact on Teachers’ RelationshipsKirschbaum, CharlesTrabalho de Evento
2020Women’s contribution to household income and the division of housework and childcare: a study on low-income families in BrazilNaufel, Anna Lucia RealeTrabalho de Conclusão de Curso
Anna Lucia Reale Naufel _ Trabalho.pdf.jpg2020Women’s contribution to household income and the division of housework and childcare: a study on lowincome families in BrazilNaufel, Anna Lucia RealeTrabalho de Conclusão de Curso
Fabio Stohler.pdf.jpg2019A work project presented as part of the requirements for the award of a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Nova School of Business and Economics and InsperStohler, FábioDissertação
2021Workforce Composition, Productivity, and Labour Regulations in a Compensating Differentials Theory of InformalitySoares, Rodrigo Reis; Haanwinckel, DanielArtigo Científico
2020Working through the fog of a pandemic: Street-level policy entrepreneurship in times of crisesCosta, Marcelo Marchesini da; Gofen, Anat; Lotta, GabrielaArtigo Científico