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    Understanding the service infusion process as a business model reconfiguration
    (2017) CARLA SOFIA DIAS MOREIRA RAMOS; Forkmann, Sebastian; Henneberg, Stephan C.; Naudé, Peter
    This study conceptualizes service infusion as a business model reconfiguration by using a process perspective. Ser vice infusion is therefore understood as a process affecting the business model dimensions of transaction content, structure, and governance. The service-related reconfiguration of the business model is explained by underlying knowledge conversion mechanisms, which provide insights into the development of reconfiguration capacities as important enablers for business model change. Furthermore, this study introduces the concept of service defusion as an important counterpart to service infusion. Both concepts together are found to fully capture firms' strategic options with respect to their service offering components (transaction content), their engagement with, and dis engagement from, important business partners (transaction structure), and also their interactions with these im portant business partners (transaction governance). The conceptually derived understanding of the service infusion process and mechanisms are exemplified via a multi-actor longitudinal illustrative case study. A concep tual grounding for understanding service infusion processes for further theory and concept development is pro vided, and managers gain an understanding of how to effectively manage the processes underlying service related business model reconfigurations.