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Doutorado em Economia dos Negócios : [20]

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Felipe_Wajskop _ Tese.pdf.jpg2021The face of the vote: how the facial features of candidates influence the decision of votersFrança, Felipe T. WajskopTese
Jorge Ikawa_Tese.pdf.jpg2021Political outsiders: their entry in politics, actions in office, and reactions among establishmentIkawa, Jorge Norio RezendeTese
Claudia Bruschi_Tese.pdf.jpg2021Essays on bankingMartins , Claudia BruschiTese
Alisson Pablo tese final.pdf.jpg2021The effects of age at school entry: from the first grade to the labor marketOliveira, Alison Pablo deTese
Fernando Tassinari Moraes - tese.pdf.jpg2021Essays on Risk FactorTassinari Moraes, Fernando TassinariTese
Alysson Lorenzon Portella - Tese.pdf.jpg2021Essays on Economics of Education: Racial Inequality, Social Norms, and Childcare Impact on SchoolingPortella, Alysson LorenzonTese
Clarice_Martins - TESE.pdf.jpg2021Essays on economics of educationMartins, Clarice CarneiroTese
Rafael Pucci - Dissertation.pdf.jpg2021Essays on property rights and crimePucci, RafaelTese
Leila_A_R_Pereira - Dissertation.pdf.jpg2021Electoral competition and platform choice: a computational linguistics approach based on Brazilian dataPereira, Leila Albuquerque RochaTese
Dissertation_Carolina Pedrosa G de Melo.pdf.jpg2021Essays in health and industrial economicsMelo, Carolina Pedrosa Gomes deTese
Maria Clara Morgulis.pdf.jpg2021Essays on economic analysis of lawMorgulis, Maria Clara de AzevedoTese
Luis Gustavo Bettoni.pdf.jpg2021Essays on Fiscal PolicyBettoni, Luís GustavoTese
PauloRibeiro_Thesis_Final.pdf.jpg2020Essays on empirical corporate financeRibeiro, Paulo Sergio OliveiraTese
Raphael Akira tese final.pdf.jpg2021Essays in empirical asset pricingGondo, RaphaelTese
Thesis_Fernando_Moraes_Final.pdf.jpg2021Essays on risk factorMoraes, Fernando TassinariTese
Thesis - Final - Leandro Nardi.pdf.jpg2021The Rise of Impact-Oriented Strategies: Value Creation and Socio-Environmental Firm-Level GoalsNardi, LeandroTese
CAROLINA RIBEIRO VERONESI MARINHO - tese.pdf.jpg2020Essays on health economicsMarinho, Carolina Ribeiro VeronesiTese
Darcio Genicolo Martins - tese.pdf.jpg2020Essays on Public ProcurementMartins, Darcio GenicoloTese
Ana Santos - tese.pdf.jpg2020Essays on Decision Theory and ApplicationsSantos, Ana Carolina Tereza Ramos de Oliveira dosTese
dissertation_thomazteodorovicz_final.pdf.jpg2019Leveraging and transferring management practices in organizationsTeodorovicz, ThomazTese
Collection Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20
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