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2012Is Meritocracy Associated with Higher Innovation? An Empirical Examination with Brazilian FirmsLazzarini, Sergio Giovanetti; Barros, Henrique M.Working Paper
2017Políticas públicas para a redução do abandono e evasão escolar de jovensBarros, Ricardo Paes de; Amiris, Paula; Garcia, Beatriz; Saores, Camila; Coutinho, Diana; Gall, G.; Machado, Laura MullerWorking Paper
2021Panorama da Cobertura Vacinal do Brasil, 2020Nunes, Leticia Faria de CarvalhoWorking Paper
2021Vacinas: Historia, Lições Recentes e Atual Cobertura no BrasilNunes, Leticia Faria de CarvalhoWorking Paper
2022A Regionalização da Saúde no BrasilNunes, Leticia Faria de Carvalho; Rocha, Rudi; Rache, BeatrizWorking Paper
2007Managing trust relationships: evidence of the purchasing perspective of agrochemical distributorsClaro, Danny Pimentel; Claro, Priscila Borin de OliveiraWorking Paper
2005Entendemos sustentabilidade em sua plenitude? Análise de fatores que influenciam a interpretação do conceitoClaro, Priscila Borin de Oliveira; Claro, Danny PimentelWorking Paper
2015Efficient Complete Markets Are the Rule Rather thanthe ExceptionFaro, José Heleno; Chateauneuf, Alain; Araujo, AloisioWorking Paper
2017The impact of government-driven loans in the monetary transmission mechanism: what can we learn from firm-level data?Bonomo, Marco Antonio CesarWorking Paper
2017Short-selling restrictions and returns: a natural experimentBonomo, Marco Antonio Cesar; Mello, João Manoel Pinho de; Mota, LiraWorking Paper
2017Loan fee dispersion and the cross-section of returnsBarbosa, Fernando; Bonomo, Marco Antonio Cesar; Mota, LiraWorking Paper
2014Trade, structural transformation and growth in ChinaFerreiray, Pedro Cavalcanti; Santos, Marcelo Rodrigues dos; Silva, Leonardo Fonseca daWorking Paper
2018Entrepreneurial governance in private equity investments: an emerging market perspectiveMonteiro, Guilherme Fowler de Avila; Minardi, Andrea Maria Accioly FonsecaWorking Paper
2018A realidade das decisões sobre liberdade de expressão, honra e imagem no STF e no STJHartmann, Ivar Alberto Glasherster Martins LangeArtigo Científico
2017Let the users be the filter? Crowdsourced filtering to avoid online intermediary liabilityHartmann, Ivar Alberto Glasherster Martins LangeWorking Paper
2016Property rights disputes between native brazilians and rural producers in the midwest region of Brazil: what is the role of justice?Tai, Luciana Yeung Luk; Monteiro, Guilherme Fowler de Avila; Caleman, Silvia Morales Queiroz; Pongeluppe, Leandro S.Working Paper
2015Unbundling the non-market strategy system: the role of government failures and organizational failuresMonteiro, Guilherme Fowler de Avila; Caleman, Silvia Morales de QueirozWorking Paper
2015Does competitive advantage imply superior efficiency? an extension of the resource-based viewLazzarini, Sergio Giovanetti; Monteiro, Guilherme Fowler de AvilaWorking Paper
2007Innovation and growth effects of capital mobilitySouza, Eduardo Correia de; Batista, Jorge ChamiWorking Paper
Collection Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 48