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Type: Relatório de Iniciação Científica
Title: Consequences of dismissal after maternity leave in the Brazilian female labor market
Authors: Di Martino, Giulia Wagana
Advisor: Madalozzo, Regina Carla
Publication Date: 2020
Keywords in original language : maternity leave; labor market; propensity score matching (PSM)
Abstract: This paper aims to examine the consequences of dismissal after maternity leave in the Brazilian female labor market. For the analysis, only formally registered workers were considered, using data from RAIS (Annual Social Information List), provided by the Ministry of Labor, for the years 2012 and 2017. Through the use of the statistical method Propensity Score Matching - PSM, it was possible to identify a negative average effect on the future salary of women who do not remain in the workforce in the next year after taking maternity leave of approximately 11.5% of their previous average remuneration. It was also shown that women with a higher level of education are less likely to lose their jobs after the birth of a child, as well as those who work in the administrative and/or financial sector. Although some results found have already been evidenced in the Brazilian literature on the subject, this study differs itself from the others by bringing the characteristics of women who lose their jobs right after taking maternity leave, thus allowing new interpretations of the leave, especially with regards to the most vulnerable women.
Language: Inglês
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